10oz Compostable White Single Wall Paper Cup (Envirosip)

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About This Product: This single wall paper cup is made with an inner PLA Bioplastic lining. This fusion of paper and plastic ensures the product is completely leak proof.


Paper cups with a PLA lining are 100% compostable and biodegradable, ideal for use in an environment with a compostable waste stream e.g. a workplace canteen where cups are disposed of on-site.


Single wall paper cups consist of a single layer of paper and are ideal for use with lattes, cappuccinos or cold drinks.


For hotter drinks such as tea and black coffee, single wall paper cups can also be used in combination with a sleeve. This provides greater heat protection to the customer and can also be more cost effective than using double wall cups, as many of our customers such as coffee shops and cafes typically use cups and sleeves in a 2:1 ratio.


The lid for this cup is sold separately. Please see the compatible section below.


Case Quantity: 1000.


Product Dimensions (mm): Top Diameter = 90, Base Diameter = 60, Height = 90.


Commonly Used For: Juice, Tea & Coffee.

More Information
Colour White
Material White Paper + PLA Bioplastic Lining
Eco Credentials Commercially Compostable
Product Applications Freezer Safe, Microwavable
Branding Available Yes
Wholesale Pricing Yes
Size (Ounces) 10oz
Gross Case Weight (kg) 10.7
Product Weight (g) 9.6
Barcode 0793591777191
Sleeve Quantity 50


This paper product has an inner PLA Bioplastic lining. 

Paper and PLA (polylactic acid) bioplastic packaging is a type of packaging made from a combination of paper and PLA bioplastic material. The combination of these materials results in a sustainable, eco-friendly packaging option that can be used for a variety of products.

Paper is a renewable and biodegradable material that is commonly used in the packaging industry. However, it is not always suitable for all types of products, as it can be easily damaged by moisture or liquids. PLA bioplastic, on the other hand, is a material made from renewable resources such as corn starch, sugarcane, or potato starch. It is also biodegradable and compostable, making it an excellent alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

The combination of paper and PLA bioplastic in packaging serves advantage. It is a lightweight, durable, and malleable material that can be easily moulded into various shapes and sizes. It also has excellent obstruction properties, which means that it can safeguard products from moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants.



PLA-bioplastic lined paper is commercially compostable. It will break down into non-toxic particles after 12 weeks given the right conditions.

It should be disposed of through your food waste collection scheme. If you do not send your waste food for composting and you do not have a closed-loop system for compostable packaging, you should consider whether compostable packaging is the correct option for your business.

In addition, paper and PLA bioplastic packaging is environmentally friendly, as it is derived from renewable resources and can be easily composted. It is also safe for food contact and does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Our PLA-bioplastic packaging is not suitable for home composting.

Paper products with PLA lining cannot be recycled and should be placed in the general waste bin if they are not sent for industrial composting.


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