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Disposable Coffee Cup Waste

  When most people head to their local coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up or stop by a coffee chain for a caffeine boost on the way to work, not much thought is given to the disposable coffee cup that is being used. In fact, most people are unlikely to know whether or not the disposable coffee cup they are using is eco-friendly or recyclable. This lack of awareness has led to a worrying amount of disposable coffee cup waste. Scientists have warned that it could take over 30 years... Read More

Packaging Environmental has provided Food4Grub with sustainable food packaging to serve and feed the most vulnerable people 29/09/2021


Founded in 2020, Hub for Grub is a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving surplus food from waste. Feeding communities across Wolverhampton that find it difficult to access affordable, nutritious food. At Packaging Environmental, we are delighted to support Hub for Grub in their fantastic work. We’re passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and our society. “Your donations and commitment will enable our community to take full advantage of the food and produce on offer. Packaging Environmental have gone beyond our expectations, to which we will be eternally... Read More

Circular economy refers to an economic system that stands sustainable practices improving the productivity of the resources 28/09/2021

What is Circular Economy?

The term ‘Circular Economic’ or ‘Circularity’ has become more popular during the past few years. It refers to an economic system that tackles global changes like climate change, biodiversity loss, food and packaging waste, and pollution. Meanwhile, ‘Linear Economy’ businesses take the natural resources and turn them into a product which is designed to be wasted after its use: ‘Circular Economy’ aims to keep those products, materials, and infrastructure in use for longer in a more sustainable way and improve the productivity of those resources. How Circular Economy applies to... Read More

Packaging Environmental offers a huge range of recyclable packaging, which means it'll be converted into another different product after processing. 15/09/2021
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What is ‘Recycle week’ and ‘who is behind it?

As our understanding of waste and the value of materials increases, recycling has become a part of our everyday lives. As a result, more and more recycling schemes are appearing, awareness is increasing, and recycling rates are on the increase. This September, we are celebrating Recycle Week, which runs from the 20th to the 26th of September. Are you aware of Recycling Week…? What is the background to Recycling Week? Recycle Week is an annual event designed to celebrate, promote and spread awareness of the need for and the benefits... Read More

sustainable and ecofriendly packaging for food and drinks help your business reduce its carbon footprint 04/08/2021

What is eco-friendly packaging, and why it matters?

Our planet is facing one of the worst environmental crises in the history of humanity. Single-use plastic and other non-environmentally friendly materials reach their popularity due to their convenience and affordable price. However, the cost of it has been our planet. In the latest years, we have seen how governments and other organizations have been warning the population about the harm these materials cause to the environment due to those messages and increased awareness in the population. As a result, consumers are switching to eco-friendly options, and so retailers do!... Read More


Commercially compostable – What does it really mean?

You might be hearing about the terms ‘commercially compostable’ and ‘compostable materials’, but what do they mean? When a product says it’s compostable, what it means is that that product is made up of materials that have been certified to break down entirely into non-toxic components (like water, biomass and carbon dioxide) that will not harm the environment, given the right conditions.  During the past few years, in the packaging industry, we have seen an increase in the use of these certified materials, leaving PP plastic as the least desirable... Read More

Plastic is one of the most popular packaging products due to its durability, versatility, and low cost. However, as you might know already, plastic can be highly harmful to the environment when it's not recycled correctly as the materials remain in the natural environment for years. 03/08/2021

Widely recyclable packaging – Are you recycling the right way?

When it comes to talking about eco-friendly packaging options, there are lots of terms that you have probably heard. One of the most common (and important to understand) is the term ‘widely recyclable.’ We say a product is ‘widely recyclable’ when the packaging is collected by 75% (or more) of local authorities across the UK. For example, plastic packaging like bottles, and cups. Companies can say their products are recyclable if most people who buy the products can recycle them. However, that doesn’t guarantee you can recycle it in your... Read More


12 Eco-friendly alternatives to oil-based packaging.

As you already know our French and German online stores are re-opening soon. However, we are so excited we cannot tell you more about it. Here you have a sneak-peak of the product categories we will be offering: Bagasse Containers: from 450ml to 1050ml. Cupcake Boxes: kraft and white options available. Cutlery: birchwood knives, forks and spoons available. Greaseproof Sheets: kraft and white options available. Napkins: 1-ply, 2-ply and 3-ply. Paper Bags: kraft and white, with and without handles. Paper Bowls: brown paper bowls and compatible lids. Paper Straws: 210x8mm... Read More


OUR EUROPEAN ONLINE SHOPS ARE RE-OPENING SOON These past few months haven’t been easy for anyone, and Packaging Environmental hasn’t been an exception. Our team has faced some problems and inconveniences with international shipments during this time due to COVID-19 restrictions, coupled with the implications of Brexit. We care about our customers, and we want to only offer them the best products at competitive prices. That’s why we decided to temporarily close our online international stores until we found a solution to the issues we were experiencing. Now from our... Read More


Make at Home Pumpkin Spiced Latte Recipe

On a cold autumn day there is nothing better than a drinking a warm beverage. Whether you’re a lover of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, it is hard to resist those festive favourites. October is the time for the love it or hate it hot drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte. So with this in mind for our latest blog post we’ve decided to pick a DIY recipe for those looking to create this tasty treat at home. We suggest serving your latte with some delicious biscuits or a slice of... Read More