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UK Street Food Trends 2016

Sitting down in a nice restaurant for a meal is so overrated these days – why would you want to with so many amazingly delicious street food vendors and pop-up eateries to choose from! In cities all over the UK these heavenly little surprises are pleasing customers who prefer to eat on-the-go, or those who recognise you don’t need a Michelin star to serve up great grub.

Anyway, in celebration of the pop-ups and street food merchants throughout the country, we’ve taken a look at three of the most desired dishes and trends that are happening in the UK food scene right now:

Clean Eating

An ever increasing number of people are choosing to exercise and eat healthily these days, and so naturally food vendors have had to tailor their menus to cater to this demographic. One result of this is the emergence of nutrient-rich ‘superfoods’, such as goji berries, Chia seeds, quinoa, avocados, kale, cauliflowers and courgettes, being used in all kinds of dishes from courgettey spaghetti to cauliflower rice and pizza bases.

Clean eating has also had an effect on the drinks market as well with many people choosing coconut water and milk, aloe vera water or fruit and vegetable juices as part of their diet.

Barbecue & Smoked Meats

For the last couple of years, barbecue and smoked meats have been top of the agenda when it comes to the most sought after street foods and honestly it shows no signs of stopping just yet – and rightly so. Consumers everywhere just can’t get enough of those meats, with everything from brisket beef, ribs, pork, burgers, sausages, pit meats and pulled pork satisfying taste bugs nationwide. With such a saturation of barbecue vendors, though, each one must put their own twist on the classic style in order to stand out from the crowd.

A bowl of Japanese ramen ready to serve


Japanese cuisine has seen a huge rise in popularity recently, thanks to many vendors who offer dishes which are tailored to a western palate. Ramen, a wheat noodle dish served in a meat- or fish-based broth with a range of toppings from pork to dried seaweed, and sushi, rice typically mixed with raw seafood and vegetables, are two of the most popular Japanese dishes here in the UK.

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