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Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids

So, Halloween is just round the corner – the time of year that kids love, while parents, carers and teachers think of the inevitable sugar overload that is now part and parcel of the annual holiday. Yes, candy and chocolate can be fine in moderation, but when you see children wandering the streets with carrier bags full of sweet treats it begs the question “are there any healthy Halloween treats out there?”

Aside from offering you a great selection of eco-friendly packaging, here at Packaging Environmental we also take pride in offering healthy and sustainable solutions and ideas right here in our blog. With that in mind, find our healthy Halloween ideas guide below and remember to comment with any suggestions of your own!


If you’re trying to a lower a child’s sugar intake this Halloween, then an obvious idea is to cut out sweets and chocolate (don’t expect them to take this one easily, though). Swapping sweet treats for small toys is a perfect way to do this and can be used for your own kids and trick-or-treaters alike. Why not go for some small Halloween themed toys like fake vampire fangs, witches fingers, rubber snakes and insects, glow sticks or even fake tattoos to give the kids something festive to play with and use in their outfits!

You could always turn to the classics as well – stickers, puzzles, yo-yos, bubbles – which can be bought for relatively cheap from supermarkets and party stores, popped in a bucket or bowl and handed out to the little monsters that come knocking at your door.

Halloween Foods

Food is and always will be a big part of Halloween, so if cutting out snacks all together is something you are wary about, don’t worry – we kind of agree. Instead of putting out sugary foods though, with a little creativity you can make all kinds of Halloween themed snacks such as mini Halloween pizzas featuring the likes of cheese ghosts and pepperoni spiders, and pumpkin cookies. Or, this one is our favourite. Fill food prep gloves with popcorn (most supermarkets now stock a healthier variety of popcorn) to make witches or skeleton hands which look amazing!


Many children may be slightly sceptical of getting fruit as they go door to door on Halloween, but we’ve found some brilliant ways of dressing it up to add a little healthy Halloween festivity. Whether it’s making ghost bananas, turning oranges into pumpkins, handing out FrankenKiwis or creating these awesome monster apple bites, there’s loads of ways to dress up your fruit to fool those trick-or-treaters.

If you’re strapped for time, there are always raisin boxes, granola bars and juice boxes (always go for the 100% fruit juice options).

Or, defy the tradition of Halloween treats and be the ultimate seasonal Scrooge by handing out toothpaste or toothbrushes – I’m sure their parent’s will at least be happy!

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