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Poll Finds Confusing Packaging Information Is Preventing Consumers From Recycling

In a UK poll by Serco’s Environmental Services, it has been found that 38% of people believe confusing information on packaging or from local authorities is making it harder for people to recycle.

The poll also revealed the knock on effects of this confusion, including costs of around £45million for councils dealing with contaminated waste, and increased Co2 emissions as a result of mixed waste being burned rather than recycled.

Over 12,000 members of the general public were quizzed in the poll, the findings of which were released to coincide with National Recycling Week.

Other reasons people had for choosing not to recycle included:

  • The need for more frequent collections – 8%
  • The need for a financial reward for recycling – 5%
  • Not having a recycling bin or bags – 5%
  • Not aware materials are being recycled – 4%
  • They simply could not be bothered – 3%

What can we learn form this?

One of the main takeaways this poll gives us is the need to make all recycling information as simple and clear as possible on packaging in order to make it easier for consumers to notice and follow.

Secondly, with a cost of £45million for councils it is essential that we do our very best to uphold responsible recycling habits on both a personal and commercial level. The increased Co2 emissions from burning mixed rubbish simply because people couldn’t be bothered or didn’t know they had to separate it, is not acceptable when a lot of that trash could be recycled!

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