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Commercially compostable packaging means that given the right conditions our packaging will decompose into particles beneficial for the soil 03/08/2021

Commercially compostable – What does it really mean?

You might be hearing about the terms ‘commercially compostable’ and ‘compostable materials’, but what do they mean? When a product says it’s compostable, what it means is that that product is made up of materials that have been certified to break down entirely into non-toxic components (like water, biomass and carbon dioxide) that will not harm the environment, given the right conditions.  During the past few years, in the packaging industry, we have seen an increase in the use of these certified materials, leaving PP plastic as the least desirable... Read More

We say a product is 'widely recyclable' when the packaging is collected by 75% (or more) of local authorities across the UK. For example, plastic packaging like bottles, and cups. 03/08/2021

Widely recyclable packaging – Are you recycling the right way?

When it comes to talking about eco-friendly packaging options, there are lots of terms that you have probably heard. One of the most common (and important to understand) is the term ‘widely recyclable.’ We say a product is ‘widely recyclable’ when the packaging is collected by 75% (or more) of local authorities across the UK. For example, plastic packaging like bottles, and cups. Companies can say their products are recyclable if most people who buy the products can recycle them. However, that doesn’t guarantee you can recycle it in your... Read More


Disposable Coffee Cup Waste

  When most people head to their local coffee shop for an afternoon pick-me-up or stop by a coffee chain for a caffeine boost on the way to work, not much thought is given to the disposable coffee cup that is being used. In fact, most people are unlikely to know whether or not the disposable coffee cup they are using is eco-friendly or recyclable. This lack of awareness has led to a worrying amount of disposable coffee cup waste. Scientists have warned that it could take over 30 years... Read More


Poll Finds Confusing Packaging Information Is Preventing Consumers From Recycling

In a UK poll by Serco’s Environmental Services, it has been found that 38% of people believe confusing information on packaging or from local authorities is making it harder for people to recycle. The poll also revealed the knock on effects of this confusion, including costs of around £45million for councils dealing with contaminated waste, and increased Co2 emissions as a result of mixed waste being burned rather than recycled. Over 12,000 members of the general public were quizzed in the poll, the findings of which were released to coincide... Read More


Eco-Friendly & Healthy Packaging Trends for 2016

If your products are on the shelf in a store, then your packaging may be the first time you get to communicate with your customers and could be the difference between a sale and nothing at all. So, with a keen eye on what the experts have had to say, we’ve rounded up some of the most important eco-friendly and healthy packaging trends that your business should be taking note of in 2016. Let them know it’s sustainable – Recycling and sustainability is an important factor for consumers who want... Read More