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At Packaging Environmental, we conceive our sustainability project as a work in progress.

Today, we introduce you to William Southan, founder of Hub4Brub, who gave us an overview of the great work they do for their community and their values.

Founded in 2020, Hub for Grub is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to saving surplus food from waste. Feeding communities across Wolverhampton that find it difficult to access affordable, nutritious food.

‘My family and I run Hub for Grub, a Community Interest Company, not for profit social enterprise.’- William Southan.

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Hub For Grub locate suitable venues and feed communities on a pay what you feel/ donation basis, offering nutritious meals to families who are struggling to access affordable produce. 

‘We source food from waste stock headed to landfills using supermarkets, local traders and FareShare then turned into beautifully presented food overseen by Mr William Southan.’ – Food For Grub.

Their commitment to Wolverhampton goes further than offering food, the spearheading a drive to push employment and employability prospects for people affected with mental health issues, homelessness and addiction who find themselves on the margins of society by offering some stability in the form of accredited hospitality training.

What makes Hub For Grub different from other social enterprises?

Hub For Grub & Packaging Environmental

‘Our ethos is recycling and the reduction of waste. Wherever possible upcycling of equipment.’ William Southan.

The donations received from Packaging Environmental ensure Hub For Grub’s mission continues in the community and meals are taken away in a safe, hygienic manner and importantly, been made aware of the impact on landfills by sharing packaging environmental eco statement and sustainability mission. 

To find out more about the important work by Hub For Grub, please visit them on Instagram @hub4grub

If you want to find out how your organisation can benefit from a partnership with Packaging Environmental like Hub For Grub, simply send us an email to or call +44 (0)20 3006 2432, 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday.

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