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At packaging Environmental, we are proud to have the accreditation in CPD Accredited Sustainability in Hospitality Training Course supplied by the Eco Learning Hub.

In today’s world, consumers and employees are placing much more scrutiny on companies’ activities, not just on everyday business decisions. Customers want to know how companies’ actions impact the environment and the communities in which they operate.

Packaging Environmental takes its environmental responsibility seriously. It’s not just in our name; it is in our DNA.

We care about our planet, and we see it as our responsibility to educate our team so that they are aware of the impact of everyday actions and the environmental impact this has.

These are not just words; we are very proud to have worked with the Eco learning Hub, which provided our team with an online training solution.

As a result, all our team from the Managing Director down completed the CPD Accredited Sustainability in Hospitality Training Course supplied by the Eco Learning Hub

Reasons why it is important environmental sustainability to your business.
Sustainability in Hospitality Course – Eco Learning Hub

‘’As we are supplying sustainable packaging to the hospitality sector it was really important to empower our team with the knowledge of the environmental issues facing this sector and what positive changes could be made; in turn, will enable us to serve our clients in a more holistic way as our mission is really to enable our customer to have better businesses. One of the key highlights was how our clients could make small menu changes that can have a huge impact on their carbon impact and food waste which feedback into what kind of packaging we can supply to enable this.’’ – Indrajit Shah, Director at Packaging Environmental.

The course covers many aspects, educating our team on Environmental Awareness & Climate Change followed by modules that help companies and individuals create an action plan to reduce their carbon emissions in energy, transport, food production & food waste, and waste management.

Packaging Environmental are proud to be the first company in the UK Foodservice Packaging Sector to have achieved company-wide accreditation. How does this certification help to improve our services? Thanks to this course, our team has the background and understanding of sustainability applied to the hospitality sector, which means they have a better overview of your market and its trends. 

‘’This course enhanced our knowledge about sustainability and highlighted the areas that the customer services team need to focus on in order to guide our customers to make better decisions for their businesses.’’ – Hira Bari, Customer Service Manager at Packaging Environmental.

Furthermore, with the new bans and regulations on SUP, plus the raising of awareness in society about sustainability and green values, we believe it is our responsibility to help our customers choose the proper packaging for their needs. This way, we will ensure it’ll have a positive impact on their business and the environment.

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Our team members have accomplish the Sustainability in Hospitality Course provided by Eco Learning Hub

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