Top sustainable new year’s resolutions

Making realistic plans that work for your business.

Read our blog to find more about our top 7 tips / new years resolutions for a greener 2022

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on your business’s progress over the past year and plan how you want it to develop in the year ahead. Do you want to embrace new greener practices in the New Year?

At Packaging Environmental, we want to help you deliver a greener 2022…So here are our top 7 new year’s resolutions for a super sustainable 2022:

Reduce Food Waste

Food Waste contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than the pre-Covid global aviation sector? Why don’t you donate the food you haven’t sold to charities or redistribution organisations? This not only helps to reduce your waste, but it will also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and feed those most in need!

Shop Local

Buying locally produced products when they’re in season can ensure your business is sourcing in a sustainable manner. It eliminates energy being used to grow foods out of season (such as hot-house tomatoes) and the need to ship food long distances.

Think About Packaging

Paper and bagasse containers offer great heat retention and are leak-proof. Plus, they can be composted where facilities exist. Or can you offer recyclable and or packaging with recycled content? At Packaging Environmental, we offer a wide range of solutions. Start browsing here.

Go Organic!

Choose organic whenever possible. Organic farming uses fewer resources, protects animals, prevents air and groundwater pollution, and increases biodiversity, which is critical to sustainability in the truest sense of the word.

Avoid single-use plastics

Small changes in your lifestyle go a long way. Switch out your single-use items to either reusable or compostable alternatives. Alternatives such as Bamboo bowls and palm leaf plates are smart and stylish while protecting the environment.

Influence Your Community

Get involved with organizations that influence or spread awareness about sustainability and environmental issues. Write content and let them know the issues that matter to you and what you are doing to promote sustainability. Have you visited our social media accounts? Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram!

Waste Steams

Educate your customers about how to correctly dispose of products. Knowing what packaging is recyclable or compostable can be particularly confusing. Labels on it decrease confusion and educate consumers on the ground simply and effectively. Through simple graphics and concise labelling, it tells consumers precisely how to dispose of each component of a product or piece of packaging. Our guides can help you out on this! Visit our website to learn about packaging disposal and their materials.

Making eco-friendly and sustainable choices is easy and could make a real impact over the course of 2022!

Please, browse our catalogue to make your business’ resolutions happen this 2022! 

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We wish you a happy new year,

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