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Our Story

When we started Packaging Environmental in 2007, we didn’t set out with the big corporate aims, or a desire to build a fancy brand, or even try to change the world (although we did want to change the world of packaging!).

We were a couple of entrepreneurial guys in our early twenties, full of energy and enthusiasm, who wanted start a company that had a positive impact on the environment. Eco packaging was still very new, expensive and unpopular when we started out; we believed that we could change this.

As experience and the economy were not on our side, we went down the old-fashioned route of working all hours and doing everything ourselves to keep costs down. Days and nights were spent doing lots of research, developing and testing new products, cold calling potential customers, going to meetings, delivering orders and doing everything we could to make sure our customers were happy.

The great thing about this is that we listened to and focused on what was important to our customers; this has made our business successful. We now have an amazing team in our head office and supply over 1000 businesses and organisations, many of which have been with us for several years. We deliver throughout the UK and worldwide on a daily basis. Our guiding principle is directed by what is important to our customers, and we have built our aims and values around this.