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Coffee Wooden Stirrers

Coffee Wooden Stirrers
5.5" Wooden Stirrer (Case of 1000)
Code: STW1000
£3.66 (ex. VAT)

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7.5" Wooden Stirrer (Case of 1000)
Code: STW71000
£4.49 (ex. VAT)

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If you are selling delicious coffee to your customers, then Packaging Environmental is the perfect place to stock up on your environmentally friendly cups, lids, stirrers and other essential items.

Everyday millions of people stop for coffees while out on the go, looking for a caffeine kick to help them through the day. Make sure your business is ready to help them with sustainable and recyclable items such as cups (biodegradable cups, white hot cups and ripple cups), lids, sleeves, wooden stirrers and cup carriers for big orders.

Browse our full range of eco-friendly coffee packaging above and find out more by clicking each item. You can find more great products in our dedicated range of packaging for tea, smoothies and juices