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Plastic Cups & Lids

At Packaging Environmental, we offer a range of clear and lightweight polypropylene (PP) plastic cups and bioplastic (PLA) and lids, which are perfect for serving juices, smoothies, yoghurts and other cold beverages for your customers.

The PP and PLA tumblers and lids come in a range of sizes from 7oz to 20oz, with domed or flat lids available to suit all sizes, meaning there is an option for you whatever you are serving.

Like all of our products, we can add your branding to PP & PLA plastic cups and lids. To find out more about this service, please get in touch with a member of our team. We also stock straws and bioplastic cups for serving cold drinks to your customers.

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> What plastics do you use for your plastic cups?

PLA Bio-plastic: PLA bioplastics come from renewable resources like corn starch and tapioca. They are commercially compostable where accepted. Products made from PLA look and feel the same as conventional plastics, and they can be used in most packaging applications.

RPET plastic: the most common recycled plastic. It is mainly made from used PET bottles. The used bottles are collected, cleaned, and formed back into plastic pellets. Then, these pellets are cleaned again to ensure that they are food safe.

PP Plastic: Polypropylene (PP) is a rigid and crystalline thermoplastic used widely in everyday objects like packaging trays, household products, battery cases, medical devices, etc.

> Here is a rough guide on which cup size(s) and style(s) our customers tend to use for some of the most popular cold drinks: 

Small – 5-7oz

Medium – 9-10-12oz 

Large – 16-20oz

> What are PLA-bioplastic cups?

Bioplastic, also known by its chemical name PLA (Polylactic Acid), is made from renewable resources like corn and tapioca. Products made from PLA Bioplastic are biodegradable and compostable. 

Cup made from PLA look and felt the same as conventional plastics, and they can be used in most packaging applications.

> Will PLA-bioplastic cups change the taste of my drinks?

These eco-friendly cups have less likelihood of interfering with the flavour of the milk or coffee. Regular plastics may impart a different taste. For example, milk will acquire a different taste in a styrene cup. The permeability of the bioplastic packaging can be beneficial to some food products.

> Can I recycle PLA-bioplastic and Plastic cups? 

Yes, our plastic cups (PP and rPET) are widely recyclable. On the other hand, Bioplastic cups (PLA) are commercially compostable, which means you have to dispose of them in composting facilities where they will break down after 12 weeks.

> Can I print my brand/logo on your cups?

Yes, we can print your logo or colours on our cups. Please get in touch with us for more information about pricing and lead times.

Can I apply branded stickers to your cups?

Yes, sticker branding is a cost-effective solution to branding disposable cups. 


> Can I test your disposable cups?

If you would like to test out our products before you place an order, please get in touch with us by phone at 020 3006 2432 or email info@packagingenvironmental.co.uk, and we will send you samples usually within a few days.