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Product Materials

Bioplastics are basically plastics made from plants. The starch within most plants can be used to form plastic polymers. For example wheat, soya and tapioca can be used. We use Corn to make our bioplastic and the name of the polymer is Polylactic Acid or PLA for short.

Manufacturing Bioplastics uses less energy than manufacturing oil based plastic, the corn used to make our bioplastics grows back annually and the corn absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows. This makes the production of our bioplastics sustainable.

PLA is biodegradable and compostable. Products made from PLA look and feel the same as conventional plastics and they can be used in most packaging applications.

RPET is the most common recycled plastic. It is mainly made from used PET bottles. The used bottles are collected, cleaned and formed back into plastic pellets. These pellets are cleaned again to ensure that they are food safe.

Products made from RPET are fully recyclable and thy have the same quality as virgin PET products. Using these products ensure less plastic waste goes to landfill and reduces our dependence on virgin plastics.

Bagasse is a waste product derived from the sugarcane juice extraction process. As it is by definition a waste product, any products made from it automatically have a low carbon footprint. Sugarcane Bagasse is formed into packaging through high pressure moulding. The products formed require no plastic or wax lining and are totally biodegradable and compostable.

Sugarcane Bagasse products are more energy efficient than oil based products. This is becuase the raw material has already been pulped for its juices and it does not need to be drilled for. Sugarcane is also an annually growing crop making bagasse products sustainable.

Palm Leaf products are made from fallen palm leaves which are cleaned in local spring water. The leaves and then put in a heat press, stamped and then cut into shape. They are then sterilised and cleaned.

Our paper products are made from recycled and sustainable forest paper. Recycled paper diverts waste away from landfill and reduces our dependence on commercial forestry and virgin paper. Unfortunately recycled paper cannot be used for products that come into direct contact with food so the paper in our other products comes from sustainable forests.

The wood used to make our wood products comes from sustainable forests. Wood products are biodegradable and compostable.