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CASE STUDY - Roasting Plant Coffee – Just-Roasted™ 

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At Packaging Environmental, we understand that not all businesses are the same, and our customers have different requirements based on their services, products and location. This encourages us to give the best of our business and bring you the best packaging services according to your needs! 

Today, as part of our case studies, we are delighted to introduce you to Roasting Plant Coffee. Read in their own words about how their business came to be as a JUST-ROASTED REVOLUTION in the coffee industry and why they’ve decided to work with us at Packaging Environmental.

The Just-Roasted Revolution

Founded in Lower Eastside NYC by a bunch of coffee lovers, Roasting Plant Coffee deliver their twists on coffee-classics by offering a unique in-store roastery experience using their patented Javabot™ Roasting and Brewing system – the only coffee retailer in the world to roast coffee in every store! This unique system delivers an artisanal experience with a choice of any single-origin brewed by the cup in less than a minute. 

The Just-Roasted Revolution is based on the fact that roasted coffee is highly volatile and should be used as close to the roasting date as possible for full flavour, aroma and an exceptionally smooth finish. But Roasting Plant goes the extra mile with the absolute best fully traceable single-origin coffee from around the world and a focus on innovation to harness the power of the artisan and create a customised experience that has changed the world of coffee forever.

Get comfy and get a sip to read in their own words how they brought the Just-Roasted coffee experience to the UK.


Hi Kallie, it’s lovely to meet you! 

Could you tell us who is Roasting Plant Coffee and how did it begin?

Roasting Plant was founded in 2007 in NYC by a group of coffee lovers who wanted to go a step further with their coffee preparation process. They understood that the best cup was brewed from freshly roasted coffee. As takeaway coffee shops work, the coffee served is brewed from beans that are weeks or months old, absent of their unique and amazing flavour notes with a bitter aftertaste most people simply assume is a negative aspect of black coffee (and there’s lots of scientific research that explains why). 

Roasting Plant wanted to change this dynamic by offering a unique experience using our patented Javabot technology to roast coffee in-store, give coffee lovers a choice of beans and brew it to order quickly – a personalized artisan-experience that can be enjoyed every day on your way to work or play!

After seeing the success in the US, our CEO Jamie Robertson realised that this coffee concept was missing in the UK and specifically in an edgy city such as London is, couldn’t miss that!

What is the concept behind Roasting Plant?

JUST-ROASTED COFFEE – Quick, speciality coffee. 

One of the major issues with coffee is that once the coffee is roasted, it loses its quality, flavours and aroma. It doesn’t matter how well it’s packaged; it just happens. That’s Roasting Plant’s difference from other coffee shops. At Roasting Plant, the roasting process takes place in the store and is always used within a few days of roasting so the coffee doesn’t lose its quality or any of its delicious properties. It also lets you explore and customise your coffee, JUST FOR YOU! 

Can you describe Roasting Plant UK in just 3 words?




Which of your coffee blends would you recommend to someone who never tried coffee?

Roasting Plant BlendRoasting Plant Blend. Created by our Coffee Master, Genvieve, this coffee is designed for an everyday-all day. It has a unique flavour with chocolate, plum, and spice tasting tones. 


What has been the biggest challenge for Roasting Plant over time?

Communicating our concept and how we differ from other coffee retailers was challenging. As previously mentioned, we don’t just serve coffee, we provide an experience where you walk into the shop, and our fantastic team will assist you to find your favourite coffee origin. In addition, because of our unique technology, we can spend more time with our customers guiding them to the perfect cup.

Our team is key to this process. It is formed by people who are passionate about coffee so they can spread that passion and communicate Roasting Plant values to our customers.

Roasting Plant UK Fantastic Team



What is Roasting Plant UK’s approach to the environment?

At Roasting Plant, the environment is an important matter. We ensure that all our actions have a lower impact on the environment. For example, our innovative Javabot technology is electric rather than gas as used by most roasters… and the elimination of the complex supply chain, including lots of lorries, packaging and repackaging, is designed to use less energy than conventional coffee shops. 


Plus, all our packaging is compostable!


We have noticed that you have different bins around your stores depending on your packaging materials. 

What kind of packaging do you use at Roasting Plant?

All our packaging is plant-based and compostable. This is because we want to make sure our actions positively impact the environment. In fact, this is something we want to talk more about to educate our customers on packaging disposal. That’s why we always highlight on our branding that the packaging used is ‘compostable’. Plus, all our packaging is compostable!

We love what you just said about the importance of marking on your branding that the product is ‘compostable’. 

Was it difficult to find a packaging supplier that met all your requirements when you first landed in the UK?

We were lucky to be recommended to our current supplier, Packaging Environmental. We heard they had a wide range of quality products they could customise and on top of that, they had competitive prices. However, we were impressed by the excellent customer service they also provided during the journey.

You have almost answered our next question but, why Packaging Environmental?

As previously mentioned, we were looking for different ranges of compostable products. Packaging Environmental offers what we need and more! For us, custom packaging and branding are crucial. Our branded cups and other packaging items tell our process, so the design is everything but complex.


Packaging Environmental could reflect our concept through our design and bring it to real life on our products. The incredible customer service we receive has always assisted us at every step of the journey, from the concept to the distribution and storage.

Last but not least, could you describe in JUST 3 words what’s best about working with Packaging Environmental?

- Customer-Service

- Fast

- Efficient 

Thanks, Kallie, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. It’s anything else you’d like to add?

 Just keep an eye on our sites, we have exciting plans for London and beyond!


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