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Carbon Neutral Packaging FAQs:



Being carbon neutral means that the carbon footprint of a product has been calculated on the basis of internationally recognised standards and fully offset by supporting certified carbon offset projects. For our Carbon Neutral range, we have worked with ClimatePartner to offset these emissions.


The carbon emissions accounted for in our products include the production, processing, and logistics of raw materials, precursors, and packaging. It also considers transport to retail locations, emissions from sources indirectly related to products (e.g., employee commuting), and the treatment of products at the end of their life cycle. However, the use phase of the product is not covered unless the product itself directly emits greenhouse gases, such as in the case of a combustion engine or a gas-powered heater.

  1. Calculation of carbon emissions associated with the product's life cycle.
  2. Implementation of measures to avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible.
  3. Carbon offsetting through certified projects that neutralise the remaining emissions.
  4. Creation of transparency by providing information on the carbon neutral status and offset project.

Find out more on our Carbon Neutral page.


Our carbon neutral products are clearly marked with the independent ClimatePartner label "carbon neutral." This label allows our customers to easily identify and understand the carbon neutral status of the product. Click here to find out more.


We have proudly supported the following projects in the World's Global South:

  • Wind Energy, Northeast Brazil
  • Social Impact, Nationwide India
  • Clean Drinking Water, Kono Sierra Leone
  • Solar Energy, Omaheke Namibia

Find out more on our Carbon Neutral page.


For detailed information regarding the CO2 emissions we have offset and to track our carbon neutral status, please visit our tracking page on ClimatePartner's website: